Keeping up…

The world is moving quickly. How will you keep up?

Are there enough hours in the day?

So many things are going on, in so many aspects of life. How do you prioritize?

Will it all get done?

I think it takes a passion and possibly a healthy embracing of fear.

God will never give us more than we can handle.

Open the gates…

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Fell Off the Map…

Sooooo…I’m back.

Two years ago, I switched over to another blog service to be able to control the look of my blog a little more. Then, I fell off of that one.

The unfortunate thing is that, since falling off of that one, that blog service has since shut down. So, when I went back to get my old posts, they were all gone. Oh well…

Back to Wordpress…but with a twist…

…in the coming months/weeks, the look of this will change. This is because I’m teaching myself to code on the front-end.

For those who don’t know, the front-end is the HTML & CSS code that controls what a website looks like. The content that you see and how it is physically laid out is the front-end. (The back-end is considered to be the database(s) and functionality behind a website. Back-end stuff may come someday. But, that’s a long way away. There’s plenty of front-end stuff.)

What do I like about this?

  • It’s something new.
  • I control this.
  • The code is structured and can be realized in a visual way.
  • It’s project-centered, with various revisions/evolutions/iterations.
  • It’s an ongoing creative outlet.

This last part is especially important to me…

Open the Gates…

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Head on over…

I’ve moved my operations.

Please check out

Someday, this URL will point to my new blog. Working out some bugs, though.

For now, Please bear with me at my new digs.

Open the Gates…

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